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Coaching facilitates learning and growth by helping you to identify and remove the interference that is preventing you from reaching your potential. It is not teaching or advising, it is help with moving on when you feel stuck in a situation and can’t see a way forward.


How It Works

How it works


We offer a free chemistry session to talk about what coaching is and how we would work together. You may take this opportunity with one or more coaches to find the one who is a good fit for you.


Either you or your employer sign a contract to agree the overarching coaching goals, number, duration and interval (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) of sessions required. Price and terms are agreed and the first session is scheduled.


You meet with the coach regularly as agreed and you drive the agenda for each session. In each session you’ll work on the specific goals under the umbrella of the overarching goal agreed in the contract. Each session is completely confidential, nothing from the session is fed back to your employer without your express permission.

Follow up

The goal of the coaching is self-sufficiency. The coach will help you to develop strategies and techniques that you can use by yourself or with your team members after the sessions end. Your coach will be in touch to check in on your progress a short while after the last session to follow up and answer any questions you may have.

Long term benefits of Coaching

Coaching for Everyone

We all face challenges from time to time when a coach can help us to slow down our thinking and find our solution.


Employee Assistance Coaching

EAC is a dispute resolution tool designed to shorten the period of anxiety, stress or indecision when an employee feels aggrieved or stressed by their job or their manager. It is usually a short series of one-to-one coaching sessions where the employee can explore the situation in a non-judgmental, entirely confidential and future-focused way.

Coaching for New Managers

Coaching is a great way for someone who has been promoted into a team leadership position because of their technical skill but has limited people management experience. Coaching will start to produce results very quickly while longer term executive education may be considered.



How do I know that the information I share with the coach will not be disclosed to my manager/HR.

A formal agreement is entered into that specifically sets out what information will be shared and how. Unless there is something of a criminal or safeguarding nature disclosed the only information that goes back to the employer is the date of the session and the name of the employee.

How do I know the employee is telling the truth to the coach and giving the full story?

The coach’s role is to help the employee to think through their challenge, the impact it is having on them and explore how they can progress from there. The coach is not making any decisions or offering advice so it would not be in service of the employee to be untruthful.

What happens if I still want to raise a grievance after the coaching?

That always remains an option. Any grievance raised is likely to be more structured as a result of the coaching because the impact and options have been discussed and there will be more clarity about the outcome preferred. 

Can the coaching happen when the employee is off sick?

If the employee feels well enough to participate yes it can and this is an effective and stress free way of keeping the employee connected with their employment. With permission the coach would contact the employee for the initial phone call and arrange sessions if agreed.

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