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Navigating through conflict to drive better performance

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Shaping Positive Work Cultures

In the post Covid world of work every day brings new challenges and opportunities. My mission is to reduce misery in the workplace by navigating the complex dynamics of workplace relationships, ensuring they are not just productive but positive, future focused, deeply respectful and collaborative.


My 20 years of employment included all aspects of generalist HR work and the one that gave me the most satisfaction if helping people to navigate their way beyond a dispute or conflict. 


My natural curiosity about people and how they interact combines with my qualifications, including a Diploma in Coaching from the University of Cambridge, Mediation Certification and NLP Certification to support HR leaders by objectively and neutrally resolving conflicts creating environments where respect and collaboration are the norm.


I'm proud to say that since 2019 at SCD People Solutions, we're not just solving problems; we're crafting solutions that prioritise human connections. Whether it's through mediation, coaching, or development interventions for leaders, my goal is to ensure that every organisation we work with becomes a place where harmony and productivity go hand in hand.


Choosing the right coach who you can trust and relate to is important. Get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation coaching session for you to see if you would like to work with me.

Workplace mediation

Mediation is a powerful, quick and very successful dispute resolution tool if both (or all) parties genuinly want to resolve the dispute. Reach out to me to talk about how I can help as an objective, independent mediator.

Workplace investigations

Let me take the strain of fitting an investigation into your busy schedule and provide a truly objective report based on the facts.

Get in touch to find out what this involves.

hearing Chair

There are times when an outsider is more appropriate to hear a grievance or disciplinary matter, or the appeal to demonstrate impartiality and objectivity.

Reach out to discuss how I can help with this

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We value honesty, here's what our other clients have to say

“I wish we had found Sue before we went down the hellhole that is the grievance process. She went to the heart of the matter and expedited a resolution between the parties that has restored the relationship they had previously enjoyed in the firm. As the company owner, I am delighted with Sue’s work. Speedy, insightful and value for money, Sue is to be commended.”

Professional Services Business Owner 

"I reached out to Sue for support when I was experiencing a very difficult at issue at work. I was being treated terribly by my organisation, the first time in 40 years of work that I’d experienced this, and I was struggling to make sense of what was happening or how to deal with it. As a seasoned HR professional Sue understood the context immediately and her coaching, empathy and thoroughly human way of supporting me was instrumental in allowing me to emerge from the situation with dignity, with my mental health in tact and confident enough to rethink what I wanted from my career. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue if you find yourself in a similar situation."

Senior Leader in a National Organisation

"Sue quickly grasped the basis of the case work involved and agreed appropriate terms of reference and plans of action. Her responses throughout were timely, and her personal style along with comprehensive reviews enabled efficient conclusions. Sue delivered within organisational policies and maintained objectivity and confidentiality throughout the processes. We would be happy to invite Sue to work with us again."

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