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There are lots of reasons why work can become challenging. A difficult relationship with a colleague or manager, feeling that you have been treated differently than others, an excessive workload or inadequate training or promotion can all make you want to reach for the job boards. 

I’ve helped many people through crises at work. Sometimes changing jobs is the right way forward. Time spent considering all the options and reflecting what you need to be different will be a great springboard to a brighter work experience.

How we can help

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If you are feeling stuck and not sure what to ask for, a series of confidential conversations with a neutral and objective listener can help you to think through how to move forward. 


If you are in conflict with a colleague and you want to resolve it but not sure how, mediation can work very quickly to resolve a situation.


If you are at risk of redundancy and feel you want to talk to someone outside your organisation about how to move forward.

Discipline and Grievance

If you are facing disciplinary action or contemplating raising a grievance and not sure how to approach this I can help you to think through your next steps.


How much does this cost?

The investment would vary depending on the requirement. Many employers will be willing to fund coaching or mediation to improve working relationships. 

Can you be my companion at a disciplinary hearing?

Yes, if is in your policy or your employer agreed to it. We could discuss whether this would work and how it would be funded.

Can you speak to my employer on my behalf?

This is not likely to work very well, I could coach you to plan a strategy and be available for you to practice on.

What Can We Help You With?

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